Courses Taught (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

CIVE 498/898 - Advanced Materials of Construction: This course introduces applications, properties, and production technologies of various types of advanced construction materials including cement and concrete, asphalt concrete, steel, and fiber-reinforced polymer. Topics including sustainability, durability, repair and preventative measures, materials characterization, as well as recent advances are also to be covered.

CIVE 378 - Materials of Construction: Introduction to the behavior, testing, and design of soil, portland cement concrete, steel, wood and composites. Experiments covering the concepts of stress and strain under axial, torsional, shear and flexural loading conditions. Common ASTM laboratory test procedures and specifications, field quality control tests and statistical applications.

Courses Taught (Texas State University)

CIM 3420Concrete Construction Methods: This course examines effects of concrete-making materials (aggregates, cements, admixtures, etc.) on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Concrete mixture proportioning calculations and statistical analysis of strength tests are also studied.

CIM 3330 – Concrete Construction Methods: This course covers forming, shoring, placing and reinforcing operations. Transporting, placing, consolidating, finishing, jointing and curing concrete for cast-in-place foundations, pavements, slabs on ground, structural frames, and other structural members are studied. Other topics include waterproofing concrete foundations and erecting precast concrete members.

CIM 4330 – Management of Concrete Products – Ordering and Scheduling: This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of managing the ordering and delivery process common to all concrete products. Emphasis will be in planning, organizing and controlling at both the first-line supervisory and managerial levels.

CIM 4340 – Concrete Problems: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Dispute Resolution: Course involves diagnosing/preventing problems related to concrete production, testing, construction and performance. Students learn to identify causes of fresh and hardened concrete problems, i.e. fast and slow setting, air content variations, low strength, cracking and scaling. Pre-job conferences and dispute resolution methods are examined.

CSM 2342 – Construction Materials and Processes: This course will introduce students to various types of construction materials including ceramics, ferrous, non-ferrous, and organic materials used in construction. Their properties, working characteristics, and processes used to manufacture and assemble these materials are studied. Laboratory activities are used to reinforce lecture material.

CSM 3363 – Heavy, Civil, and Highway Construction System: Selection, acquisition, and capabilities of heavy construction equipment are presented. Applications of economics to performance characteristics and production of equipment is discussed. Sector-specific construction management methods are covered, including unit price estimating, equipment fleet design, repetitive scheduling, and major components of highways, bridges, and engineered facilities.

TECH 4390 – Internship: Supervised on-the-job professional learning experience in construction, manufacturing, electronics, and other technical areas. This course provides practical work experience in their particular field of interest.

TECH 5384 – Problems in Technology: Graduate students investigate a special topic by developing a technical problem, researching the topic, and presenting the findings. Plans will be developed on an individual basis with strict faculty supervision.



Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): J. Tate, J. Hu, “Major Upgrade of the RFM 1239: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory to Offer High-Performance Computing and Visualization for Engineering and Technology Students. A Collaborative Proposal between the Ingram School of Engineering and the Department of Technology”, Project Sponsor(s): Texas State University, Amount $42,500, 04/2009 – 09/2009.


Awards and Honors

College Achievement Awards for Excellence in Teaching, College of Science and Engineering, Texas State University (2014)